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My Business Has Grown By 700% in Just 3 Years!

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Today, Metro Business Builders networking organization recognized the anniversaries of four team members who have contributed to and benefitted from the success of others in the group in a “givers gain” culture and mindset.

One member, Felicia Taylor, President and Founder of Phoenix Commercial Cleaning, celebrated her 3rd anniversary as a member of the Metro Business Builders(MBB) networking association. As a one-person business at the time, Felicia has grown revenues by $170,000 and employees from 1 to 13 in just three short years. Felicia attributed much of her success to the referrals and support from the MBB networking team.

To learn more about how your business can gain from joining our exclusive networking group, Contact us to schedule a visit to one of our chapter meetings.

Heather Cummings, Felicia Taylor, Shane Benefield and Kevin DiPetrillo

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